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Our professionals at Elite Armour Landscaping will help you design and build your project which can include different hardscapes such as armour stone, interlock, water features and outdoor entertainment spaces.


We use high quality stone or pavers such as Techo-bloc and Stone arch.  We build your stone on one of the most durable bases, built to withstand the Canadian climate, allowing us to offer you a 5 year warranty.

Outdoor Spaces

Enhance your outdoor space with an outdoor kitchen, wood or gas fireplace, fire pit, built-in seating, and entertainment such as TVs and speakers. Brighten it up with outdoor lighting to finish the look.


Elite Armour Landscaping are professionals in shoreline installation. We obtain all required permits and have all the equipment required to bring materials by both land and water access.

Septic Installation

Have Elite Armour install your septic system. We keep in mind placement of your septic and weeping bed so when you are ready to landscape your front or backyard it is not an eye sore.

Foundation Excavation

Elite Armour provides excavation services to excavate your new foundation. It will be ready for concrete or ICF installation. We will also do the soil compaction if needed.

Culvert Installation

Elite Armour Landscaping will prepare your entrance and driveway and install your culvert. We will also file the necessary paperwork for an entrance permit.

Gazebos & Pergolas

Complete your project with a gazebo or pergola from Elite Armour. We are dedicated to ensuring that your gazebo or pergola is not only beautiful, but also strong and sturdy.

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At Elite Armour Landscaping, our customers are our top priority.  Our solid reputation, quality of work, and prompt service help make your dreams a reality.  If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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